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04071. Украина. Киев.
ул. Ярославская, 5/2.
Клуб «Петрович»

+ 38 (044) 425-79-07
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The “Petrovich” Club is not just another ordinary conceptual club that are of a great number in Kiev for the moment. The “Petrovich” Club is something else. It is a reminder of the time that is long gone. Old stuff that saw a lot of things in its lifetime builds club’s interior. Well-known melodies from past century’s 40’s – 80’s sound like from grandfather’s phonograph. Every little thing of this club is filled with old good nostalgia for the time in which we are eager to return sometimes …

“Petrovich” dearly loves his guests

These are not just ordinary words, which you can see printed on every menu page but also deeds: chess, checkers, dominoes, playing cards, tags and other board games are available for guests; and the remained paid-up by guests spirits will wait for them during whole year. If they wish so, guests may purchase any artwork from the club’s collection, they may place an order for their own bust (your three photos will be needed), as well as to present to the club their own items from their childhood and youth, and after that they are welcome to pay them visits in the club for gratis.

“Petrovich” invites friends

“Petrovich” is willing to feed his friends with tasty and inexpensive treats every day. “Petrovich” is particularly pleased to meet well-known television presenters and journalists, businessmen and politicians with kept sense of humor, PR men, political advisers and advertisers, designers and architects, humorists. “Petrovich” treats and entertains his guests until they wish to leave, on weekends – till 5 A.M. Live music starting from 9 P.M. every day.

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